The Fourth Imperium

Rise of the Pheonix

They killed him. Our leader. Our brother.

They will see the fury of the fire.

They will fall

Ten weeks. Thats all Ive had. All the time before they start looking in on me. Trying to set up the pieces has been harder than I thought.

The group is separated. My church is gaining strength, but are not ready for the final confrontation. I need to bring the group back together, theyre the only ones woth the strength to stand against the Grand King and his army. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn what I can about Forge Magic to tip the scales of war in our favor.

Arthus Journal
Ten Week Jump

The group has appeared to reach it’s breaking point. My purpose is unchanged. I’m going to find my Family. Then i’m going to kill the FUCKING blight on this earth, the self proclaimed “Grand King”. If one thing is for certain, Kings bleed just like everyone else.

I’ve forged some papers, giving me a made up rank in a made up office of the state. “Praetorian” (Some kind of investigator) with these papers i will have access to all documentations of both that of universities and that of the state. Hopefully i can find something that will lead me to my Family.

Rowan's log
I knew this day would come...

Seems there is some dissent in the group. For now, I can tolerate the bickering in order to get to the grand king and complete this damnable mission. I really don’t want to have to register myself as an arcane user. I could stay hidden and on the run the rest of my life, but I enjoy the finer things in life too much to do that.

For now, it seems just me and the girl are fully focused on finding and eliminating the Grand King and his army. The others have their own issues to deal with, the cleric wizard is doing something with his church, but I know he has infiltrated the lower levels of the Army. For now, I’m following the leads through the Crimson Claws in order to find the source of the GKA’s influence on them. The Claws aren’t ones to enter deals lightly, so that means the GKA must be offering them something substantial or have something substantial over them.

I must also keep vigilant on my watch for my enemies. Added one to the list with that paladin brute on the loose. I swear I’ve given him too many chances already. I need to speak with Cato regarding his whereabouts and the events that happened. Luckily, he doesn’t use arcane magic. At the rate he’s going, however, there will be a Divine Spellcasters Registration next.

Bishop's Journal #2

I feel as though I have been cleaved in two… Something happened down in those tombs. My mind was shattered and I came face to face with a creature, not unlike the one that started me on this path of vengeance all those years ago. And as we left that doomed city and rode off back to our own, I swear I heard a voice in my head. Was it the voice of God or Demon, I cannot know. The only thing I do know is what it whispered…

Kill them all.

Arthus' Journal
The Return



It means nothing.

Not until you have purpose. I spent my life filled with regret. I made mistakes and i drank them away. When i finally thought i had purpose, my life was snuffed out like a torch on a cold winter night. What did that death mean? In what way would I, A man who lost his wife and kids, who made mistakes, have impacted the world with his death? I have been given a second chance at life. Yet, this time it’s different. He has my Wife. He has my CHILDREN! and i will see them safe… In this life or the next. Or the next. Or the next… My wrath will be both amazing and terrifying at once! Until then, i will bide my time…

It’s good to see my friends again.

Bishop's Journal
The fall of Leokas Thrace

How did I end up here? I used to be a good person, before the war, before everything. My life wasn’t perfect, sure, but I at least knew what I was doing. Being good goes against human nature, and myself being half human, I lump myself in with humanity for better or worse. We are selfish creatures, yet kindness requires selfless acts, putting others needs before your own, to restrain the evil in yourself to protect others and make their lives easier. It becomes self destructive, as you become miserable trying to make others happy. Alas, after everything I did, my time in the military to serve the people, my men who I grew to think of as brothers, to die for them… It didn’t matter. I couldn’t save them. So I chose to forsake the good in me, live for my own selfish needs like revenge and anger. Killing is the sweetest thing there is. Those who tell you they don’t enjoy it are lying to themselves to try and maintain the good in them. I gave up that good a long time ago. I am not a good person.
I kill. It’s all I have left.

Arthus Journal II
Times they are a changing

Everything feels different now… I am trying to turn my life around. Bishop has reached out to me and has offered me a purpose. He wants me to join him as a partner. Its been a long time sense someone has reached out tom e. He even plans to help me give up the drink. its only been a day, but that’s better than I’ve been able to do in a long time. Hopefully this can be the start of a new life… a better life…

Previously on The Fourth Imperium...

Day of the Moon, The Second Day of Kythorn, Time of Flowers, 201st year of the Fourth Imperium

Our heroes…or villains? Shaping their own paths down the ever-changing landscape of The Fourth Imperium. It was on this day that word came to the party of the return of Hector Livius to make a grand announcement in front of Atheon in response to the destruction of the Magical District of the Markets the night before. Understanding that to allow Livius to speak would mean doom for the Arcane Registration fight, the party set out to hatch a plan to stop it.

On their way to meet with High Chancellor Tullius, the group finally met Hector Livius and his son, Marc Livius. Despite attempts to delay Livius from making his speech, he made his way to the balcony and Rowan stayed with Tullius.

Bishop, Finn, Arthus, and Christophe ran to the crowd to attempt a distraction by starting a fight. What they received was much grander as a riot broke out between the Livius Guard and the Imperial Guard. Meanwhile, Balthazar tricked Marc Livius into believing there was an attempt on his father’s life forcing the faithful son to remove his father from the situation as quickly as possible.

When Tullius heard of the uproar he brought Rowan with him to see what the chaos was about. Upon seeing the rioting, Tullius—with the assistance of High Senator Tyriel, calmed the crowd so that he could make an announcement…..

Change of Heart

Having trouble keeping my alliances as clear as usual. Finding out the Crimson Claws are working for Livius was a big blow to my faith in them. In my opinion, Livius is a scumbag. Always has been. I figured the money and work would be well worth it, considering I’m not really invested in anything political and I would have immunity from the registration. This definitely changed after today’s events during the speech.

Livius’s guards had blatant disregard for any person. While I’m no Cleric, I believe people get what they deserve, and I know some of the people they attacked. They did not deserve to be slaughtered like sheep. He’s not operating by any means I understand. He’s ruthless in his executions and I feel this registration could lead to more and more innocent lives being ended just because of their practices.

I don’t know if I fully trust this ragtag group surrounding me, but I can say that they are at least a tad more discriminate when it comes to killing. Perhaps they can show me a side of people I’m not familiar with. Perhaps they are the group I can finally trust without stabbing in the back. Perhaps I’ve just gone soft and had too much to drink.


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