Hector Livius IV

Former High Chancellor of the Fourth Imperium and head of the Livius Estate


Hector Livius IV, a man said to be as old as time, was once the ruler of the Imperium Unitas, and still remains a great and powerful man in the country.

Livius’ details of his past are left to only what he allows to be known. He had seen the rise and fall of each Imperium before the fourth. He had seen the Great Cataclysm in which Cthulhu came down from the sky to the Material Plane to throw it into chaos. He had seen the last Divine Heroes after they defeated Cthulhu. He remembers the Thane Inquisition in which four versions of the Divine Hero Thane attempted to take over the country of Domhanda.

Due to his experience and wealth of knowledge Livius is well respected throughout the country by many many people, even despite his loss of the High Chancellor seat.

Hector Livius is also the key lobbyist of the Arcane Registration Act, a bill he introduced while he was still High Chancellor. He is believed to be behind many attacks and actions in Atheon to push people in the direction of accepting the Act. Only time can tell.

Hector Livius IV

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