Imperium Unitas

The Fourth Iteration of the Distinguished Imperium Unitas (Imperium Unitas or Imperium for short) is one of the world’s greatest economic and militaristic powers. Led by High Chancellor Hector Livius IV, the Imperium was established on the fourth day of Summertide with the assistance of the Divine Apostles. Chancellor Livius continued to be reelected for over two centuries until one year ago when he was beaten by High Chancellor Cato Tullius, a twenty-five year old human.

Since its conception, the Imperium has seen a fall from grace. High Chancellor Cato Tullius is a progressive leader who desperately wants to see the country returned to its former glory. Some have suspected that he is willing to do anything in order to see this done, which has made him an enemy on many powerful peoples’ lists.

The capital of the Imperium is seated in Atheon, a thriving city with rotted outskirts. Here, anything can be found from high democratic politics to the ruthless bloody politics of the street, from the beautiful shopping districts of Aurum to the seedy underbelly of Scelus, the capital offers everything that’s anything in the Imperium.

Additionally, there are nine other city-states in the Imperium: Noctos, Helios, Preguntum, Curios, Latinia, Gruushnum, Solaris, Telopolis, and Divinia, the seat of the Divine Apostles.

At this point in time, the Imperium wilderness has reverted to the classification of “Uncharted.” Since the Divine Apostles have almost completely abandoned their job of monster hunting through the country, citizens and military are forced to take up arms against the hostile wild around them. But numbers of monsters seem to be growing at an exponential rate with the news of the Apostles’ abandonment of their duties spreading rapidly. Along with the corruption of the High Senate, the wilderness is just another obstacle for High Chancellor Tullius to overcome.

Imperium Unitas

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