Welcome to The Fourth Imperium!

The Fourth Imperium is set in the Imperium Unitas, a country that covers a quarter of the continent of Leviandra. The Imperium Unitas is the fourth attempt at an organized government in this country since the Cataclysm in the Wood Nation on the continent of Domhanda nearly five centuries ago.

The Story so far…

After the failure of the first three governmental bodies, a group of metallic dragons known as the Divine Apostles arrived from Domhanda to introduce democracy to the struggling country.

The following 100 years proved fruitful for the Imperium. The economy was booming, poverty was down, and soon enough the Imperium was recognized as the strongest governmental and military power on the planet. Meanwhile, the Apostles continued to participate in this government, securing a Senate seat for their kind and building a successful city-state in the mountains.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. With the introduction of democracy, also came political corruption. Crime lords realized that senators could be bought and shape things in favor of themselves. Soon the Imperium Unitas was reintroduced to poverty, sealing the outskirts of all major city-states as no man’s land, crime lord territory.

Still, the power of the Imperium was never doubted by any other country. The military still found plentiful funding, and wars often ended merely months after they began. While whispers of the Imperium’s increasing poverty may have spread, it certainly did not show in their foreign policies.

The Divine Apostles offered one other skill to the country: Monster hunting. With the establishment of the Apostles in the Imperium, the population saw a significant decrease in monster attacks on their villages and city-states. However, when the corruption increased, the Apostles’ willingness to assist in these matters decreased. Still, most people forgot about these monsters, and the ones that didn’t took up monster hunting on their own…until the incident in the capital.

One monster hunter smuggled a lycanthrope into the capital to begin negotiations on annexing their kind into the Imperium. When the lycanthrope’s existence was revealed by his assassination, the populace grew outraged. Lycanthropes, monsters, and anything having to do with the use of Arcane magic was demanded to be regulated or done away with entirely. Prejudice grew out of the entire incident, and every non-Arcane user is now taking advantage of this situation in their own way.

Our story begins in Ravenloft, the Imperium Unitas’s federal prison where someone has taken an interest with our imprisoned monster hunters….