High Chancellor Cato Tullius

The leader of the Imperium Unitas.


Originally from the city-state of Helios, Tullius began his political career at the age of 18 when he won a seat on his district’s council. Within two years, he secured a seat in Helios’s Senate where he served the next three years to almost single-handedly pass over thirty new policies that cleaned up the city’s crime. From there, Cato Tullius was very quickly elected to the High Senate at the country’s capital, and praised as the man that would finally bring the country out of the slump it had seen for the last 75 years.

Finally, at the age of 25, Tullius challenged the Elven High Chancellor Hector Livius IV who had ruled since the beginning of the Fourth Imperium. In a landslide victory, Tullius became the second and youngest High Chancellor in the history of the country.

Still, popular opinion of Tullius is still a mixed bag. While many citizens believe that he has what it takes to save the country, many others also believe that he may be being used as a political puppet Since the High Chancellor was just elected into office, only time will tell.

High Chancellor Cato Tullius

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