Father Hendric Michaelson

High Priest of the Order of Bahamut


Father Michaelson is one of the few Dragonborn left in the country that have not converted to the Apostolic Creed. He was born an orphan, and taken in by a priest of the Order of Bahamut. From there he was raised very piously, memorizing the entire Word of the Silver Tongue in ten different languages, assisting other Dragonborn on their paths, and making weekly missionary trips to Lagos, the country north of the Imperium.

When Michaelson came of age to leave the Order he chose to stay. He became a priest, while his adopted father became a High priest. Michaelson remained a priest for many years until his father died and the Order voted unanimously to appoint Michaelson in his place. Today he remains located in the church’s Atheon headquarters overseeing the national work of his Order.

Michaelson remains strictly neutral in the Arcane Registration debate.

Father Hendric Michaelson

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