High Senator Georgio Valerius

High Senator from Curios


High Senator Georgio Valerius of Curios is a gnome currently residing in Atheon. Valerius is one of the most outspoken senators against Arcane Registration, mostly due to the fact that he himself is a mage. He is also one of the most outspoken senators in general, earning the reputation of being “coarse, filthy, rude, and unpleasant” from many other senators and citizens of Atheon. Still, he is loved in his home city-state of Curios, as can be seen with his 20 year run in office.

Valerius is no stranger to enemies, and one of his biggest ones are former High Chancellor Hector Livius IV. During their time together, Valerius and Livius have had numerous public altercations that once landed both of them a night under house arrest.

It is widely believed that Valerius had something to do with the landslide election that won Cato Tullius his seat as High Chancellor, but it is all merely speculation and Valerius has denied it fervently stating that that was the kind of rumor “only scum like Livius would shit out.”

High Senator Georgio Valerius

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