Headquarters Upgrades!

Your headquarters in Atheon is the most important location at your disposal. Below is a list of upgrades you can make to the fortress to get everything you could ever possibly want.


Leif Tree Tier 1—1000 gp: Our former party member Leif has begun melding with the natural fauna to create fruits and herbs to assist the party. Buy this upgrade to assist him in making special magical apples. He will produce three apples a day to heal 2d4 HP.

Leif Tree Tier 2—5000 gp: Prereq: Leif Tree Tier 1. Leif is producing at full capacity. He can now produce seven apples per day that heal 2d4 HP.

Leif Tree Tier 3—10000 gp: Prereq: Leif Tree Tier 2. In addition to the apples, Leif can now produce a special herb that can be smoked to give one player advantage on all attacks for the rest of the day. This herb grows three times per week.

Potions Master Tier 1—1000 gp: Hire a full time potions master that can create three Potions of Healing per day. PURCHASED

Potions Master Tier 2—5000 gp: Prereq: Potions Master Tier 2 Your potions master can now make three Potions of Greater Healing per day!

Potions Master Tier 3—10000 gp: Prereq: Potions Master Tier 3. Your potions master can create three Potions of Superior Healing per day.

Researcher Tier 1—1000 gp: Hire a researcher that can look over lore that you have gathered. It takes him one week to fully research the lore.

Researcher Tier 2—5000 gp: Prereq: Researcher Tier 1. Your researcher can now research your lore incredibly fast. Lore is fully researched within 5 days.

Researcher Tier 3—10000 gp: Prereq: Researcher Tier 2. Your researcher can now fully research lore within 3 days.

Teleportation Gate—40000 gp: Hire some of the best arcane designers to create a teleportation gate to get you to any city within the blink of an eye.


Headquarters Upgrades!

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